Good news!  The price of all the salmon has dropped and the supply is good.  This is the time to eat and can salmon.  Fresh Oregon troll-caught Chinook is in and very good.  There has been a 40% reduction in the season due to the prior year's drought, but the catch we have is really nice. 

We have fresh Sockeye Salmon from the Yakutat River and will be featuring it at both locations for $13.99/lb during our Celebration of Independents Week July 1-7! 

We now have a good supply of the Yukon River Keta Salmon, also called Yukon Chum, Calico, or Silverbrite.  Don't be fooled by the name, this is a dip-net caught salmon from the Yukon River and has a higher oil content and eats better than most King salmon. The Keta travel in some instances over 2000 miles to their spawning grounds and a 'genetically programmed' to store oil for the journey.  This is the 3rd or 4th year the native Yupik Eskimo fisherman have used dip-net fishing to catch the Keta so they can put the King back into the Yukon with hopes of replenishing the supply of the depleted King.  The Yukon River salmon are harvested from a certified sustainable fishery, as approved through the Marine Stewardship Council, and are a very economically priced salmon.  These Keta are handled with care and flown in fresh from Alaska.  It is firm texture and orange-red in color.  Try this fish and we know you will be delighted.

There is no more Copper River Sockeye.  It was a short but delicious season.

More about the various types of salmon and recipes to try.

Fresh Oregon troll-caught Chinook is magnificent on the BBQ and served with local asparagus.

Fresh Oregon troll-caught Chinook is magnificent on the BBQ and served with local asparagus.


We have a good supply of halibut in the market.  We are getting the fresh Oregon halibutin occasionally as the fisherman are able to bring it in.  And, for the halibut cheek lovers, we have a pretty consistent supply of fresh halibut cheeks in the market.  There are so many ways to prepare this versatile firm white fish.  It is great on the BBQ and also good baked in the oven. 

cut_lg_piece_HALB_H -  Web.jpg

Sole, Cod, and Rockfish

Petrale Sole should continue to show up on a regular basis for the short-term future. The catch has been pretty consistent to date. This will potentially be affected if weather systems keep the boats off the water.

Also, high quality, fileted-by-hand, hook and line Rockfish, Ling Cod, and Black Cod are plentiful. The texture and appearance of trolling, hook and line caught fish is superior to trawl (net) caught.  The quality is firmer and the flavor tends to be slightly sweeter and milder.