Sponsorship & Donations

Newman’s Fish Company actively supports local non-profits focusing on the Education, Arts, Cycling and other athletics, Nutrition, and the Environment.

We receive requests almost daily and want to ensure our contributions are thoughtfully directed, so we ask you to contact us by email only and include the following information at least 2 weeks prior to when you need a decision.  Include any agreements/contracts, files, and requests for logos, etc. It might be helpful to copy and paste the points in the email so you can respond easily without missing any important information. We will only consider requests with complete information. We look forward to partnering with you if you align with our focus.

  1. Your name and position with the organization.
  2. Name of the organization and contact information. Please include 501c-3 number, if applicable.
  3. What is the specific purpose of the organization, not just a quoted mission statement, but what you actually accomplish in our community?
  4. How will this donation be utilized and/or leveraged for additional contributions?
  5. Why do you think Newman’s partnership in your organization is meaningful and beneficial for us both?
  6. How will our partnership/donation be measured, tracked, evaluated?
  7. If this is for a specific event or campaign, include: dates of the event, deadline for submission of all materials, specifications on what is needed (digital format, color or black and white, size/dpi, purpose such as web, print, shirts, or combinations) contact person with email and phone and a link or email to submit digital files.
  8. How and when will we know our donation was utilized, i.e., photos of events, auction winners’ acknowledgements/photos, etc. We would like to include photos and short descriptions on our web site and Facebook pages so please ensure all credits and permissions are included.

To be considered, even if we have partnered in the past, please include all the above information in an email for our consideration of your request.