Fresh Alaskan Halibut

Halibut fillets, steaks, cheeks, or ask our staff  to cut-to-order.

Halibut fillets, steaks, cheeks, or ask our staff to cut-to-order.

Fresh delicious halibut from Alaska is in season. This is long line caught Halibut from the cold Alaskan waters and flown in to keep it fresh. It has a firm texture, bright white meat, and mild flavor. There are so many ways to prepare this versatile firm white fish. It is great on the BBQ and also good baked in the oven. Check out our Halibut recipes.

Oregon Dungeness Winding Down

Stephen and Rod are thankful the Oregon Dungeness!

Stephen and Rod are thankful the Oregon Dungeness!

It was a good 2019 season for our prized Oregon Dungeness crab but it is coming to a close. The crabbing fleet of over 400 boats began pulling in this Oregon delicacy just after the first of the year. The crabs were loaded with sweet meat. Thanks to all the Oregon crabbers who braved the weather to bring us this bounty.

Sustainable Organic Farmed Chinook

Creative Salmon.jpg Farmed Organic Chinook Salmon

Newman’s now carries a sustainably farmed, certified organic Chinook salmon from the Pacific waters off the coast of Vancouver Island. We are pleased with the quality of the salmon and welcome your experience as you give it a try. Creative Salmon Organic has made a tremendous effort to secure organic farming certification, no antibiotics, no growth hormones, fed a natural diet, and raised in a low density environment. Since they are farmed Chinook they are available fresh, year-round, and are shipped to our market within 48 hours of harvest.

Icy Alaskan Waters FAS Coho and King Salmon

We like the size, color and fantastic flavor of frozen at sea (FAS) Coho and Chinook out of Alaska. Coho is also referred to as Silver salmon for its bright silver sides. It is a distinctly flavored fish, has bright orange-red flesh, is moderately fatty and flakes well. The King or Chinook salmon are larger than silver and have a bit higher fat content. Remember that FAS salmon is immediately cleaned and frozen at sea to preserve the fresh flavor of this delicious salmon. FAS salmon is the next best thing to fresh.

Sole, Cod, Snapper, and Rockfish

Petrale Sole should continue to show up on a regular basis for the short-term future. The catch has been pretty consistent to date. This will potentially be affected if weather systems keep the boats off the water.

Also, high quality, fileted-by-hand, hook and line Rockfish, Ling Cod, and Black Cod are plentiful. The texture and appearance of trolling, hook and line caught fish is superior to trawl (net) caught.  The quality is firmer and the flavor tends to be slightly sweeter and milder.