Petrale Sole / Flounder (Eopsetta jordani)

Sole and Flounder are abundant off the Washington Coast and Oregon's fleets of trawlers provide these delicate and delicious fish year round. Sole and Flounder are sustainable and abundant. Petrale is the finest of the soles compared to the more common Dover and English and is considered the mildest of the ocean fish with a delicate texture. It is usually found in 4 to 12 oz fillets.

Because of the fillet size, it cooks very quickly sautéed or baked and can take seasonings and rich sauces.

Sanddabs or Sand Dabs

Sand Dabs are a smaller sole that are cleaned, trimmed and skinned with the center bone left in. We suggest pan sautéing sand dabs for a light sweet flavor. It is one if the few fish we sell "bone in."