Black Cod / Sablefish (Anoplopoma fimbria)

Sablefish, also known as Black Cod, is a delicacy known for its white, flaky texture and sweet buttery taste. It is some of the oiliest and richest white fish. Black Cod is brought ashore by trawlers or longliners during a year round season.

Sablefish is perfect for beginning chefs because of its forgiving cooking times; try grilling, baking, or smoking. Rich in taste, with high Omega-3 oil content, Black cod is a heart healthy choice.

Ling Cod and Pacific Cod (Ophiodon elongates, Gladus Macrocephalus)

Cod are popular and caught year-round off the Pacific coast either as a  by-catch with the halibut or salmon trolling or by trawlers. Pacific cods are a huge industry in Alaska that provides our delicious Cod Fish and Chips.

When available, we have fresh caught Ling Cod and almost always Pacific Cod filleted from frozen at sea, FAS, fish.

Cods tend to be cut in larger, thicker fillets from 5-20 pound fish, which  makes them perfect for baking in a variety of recipes. Cod is on the mild spectrum but more defined than sole.

Cod Recipes