Dungeness Crab / Crabmeat (Metacarcinus magister, formerly Cancer magister)

Bright orange "Whole-Cooks" epitomize crab eating West Coast 'crab feed' style. Purchased fully cooked and ready-to-eat, cooked crab must be cleaned (eviscerated) before serving and is often done at the point-of purchase. Oregon season is generally from December through early spring.

Labor-saving picked meat is usually a mixture of whole and broken leg meat accompanied by the pure white 'body meat' from the shoulder area under the shell. It is fully cooked and ready to add its distinctive flavor to the chef's favorite recipe. Oregon Dungeness crab is as nutritious as it is tasty: a 3oz portion of cooked meat has 19g of protein and contains important minerals and amino acids. It is low in fat and calories, as well as cholesterol and carbohydrates.

Dungeness crabs' size sets them apart and yields about 10 to 12 oz. of flavorful meat from an average 2 pound crab. All you need to enjoy is a fork and maybe cocktail sauce.

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